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Family Ministry

Family Ministry Definition:
Families are an important part of Mary Magdalene Church.  Our children are our future.  These are not empty words to us.  It is important for our kids to know this is also their church.  As such, we limit the amount of time our children are separated from the congregation during worship, since our children are an integral part of our worship.  In addition we create options for spiritual development.

  • Family Faith Sundays are the third Sunday of the month, from September through May. We begin by having our children involved as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and gift bearers at our 10:00 Mass and the homily message is directed towards them. After Mass we share a meal together and have a discussion on a topic of special interest to our families as a whole. The children then participate in an activity while parents gather for fellowship. It is a lot like an extended family where the cousins are all different ages and yet they all value their relationship with each other.
  • Sacramental Preparation is offered in a family setting.  Whether it is First Communion or Reconciliation the families come together as a whole.  Parents are encouraged to share from their own experiences of Sacramental Preparation and what their faith means to them.  All are enriched in the process.

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