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Guiding Principles of Mary Magdalene Church

  • In order for any organization to function appropriately by-laws must be developed and followed.  The church is no exception.  You will find the by-laws of Mary Magdalene Church in this document.  These by-laws were created to reflect the guiding principles of our church community, namely: transparency, participation, inclusiveness, empowerment, accountability and continuity.

  • Transparency: Full, accurate and timely disclosure of information to the community is necessary in the building of trust between leaders and parishioners.  It promotes accountability and allows members to be included in every aspect of community life.

  • Participation/Inclusiveness: We are each created in the image and likeness of God, and are all deserving to be treated with respect, dignity and love.  No one is to be left out, but all are encouraged to participate in community life to the extent that they desire.

  • Empowerment: Each member of Mary Magdalene Church is encouraged to use their talents, and share their thoughts and insights with others.  This strengthens us as a church community and actualizes our belief that we are all precious children of God endowed with unique gifts and talents.

  • Accountability: The leadership of Mary Magdalene Church is charged with being responsible stewards of its resources.

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